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As an ongoing effort to celebrate the many people that make San Juan del Sur such a vibrant and thriving community, we sat down with our in-house Spanish teacher, Ceidy Granados, to discover more about her life, work and inspiration.



“My name is Ceidy Granados. I’m a Spanish teacher in San Juan del Sur. I’ve lived here my whole life. I love the Nicaraguan beaches, the mountains and the tranquility. My favorite activity here in my hometown is the canopy tour. And my favorite spot in the country is the Corn Islands.

I choose to be a Spanish teacher, because I like to teach and meet people to learn about their cultures. Also: I needed a job. I think it’s difficult for a person who comes from another country to communicate without knowing the language, so I’m happy I can help them learn Spanish. I’ve been teaching in SJdS for 13 years with students of all ages, including children. I don’t only teach in a school, I give private lessons, too.

Three of my current students stay at Casa Oro. And I come to the hostel for their  lessons throughout the week.  I like teaching private classes, because I get to leave school routine. We can go to the park and walk around the city. Some advice I give my students is to make friends with locals to improve their learning. I’d describe my teaching as dynamic and patient. The class is structured around every students level.

I want to teach for the rest of my life, because I love what I do. My dream was to study International Relations, but because of the economic situation I will not be able to go to college. I realized I was able to interact with people from all over the world without having studied International Relations by becoming a teacher.

My mom has inspired me most in my life, because even though my dad left us when I was a small child, she was always able to provide for us, despite the difficult times. I’m passionate about being with my family – and visiting church. My greatest strength is my love for others. My biggest weakness is sentimentality.

I wish to have a business of my own in the future. With the help of God…”

Ceidy offers both private and group Spanish instruction for students of all levels in the comfort of Casa Oro Eco Hostel, Casa Andalucia and Nuestra Casa Boutique Bed & Breakfasts. For more information regarding classes and scheduling, please contact the Casa Oro front desk.